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Theft, Burglary, & Robbery Defense

Serving the Los Angeles County, Glendale & Santa Clarita

The term "theft crime" encompasses a wide range of criminal offenses, including theft, robbery, and burglary. Many people assume that these terms are interchangeable; in reality, California law differentiates between each offense, and each crime carries different penalties upon conviction.

If you or someone you love was charged with a theft crime, Alan Kessler, A Law Corporation can help. Our firm has served Southern California for more than three decades. Get the aggressive criminal defense that you need in any part of the San Fernando Valley or Santa Clarita by retaining our team to handle your case. We offer a free, no-obligation case consultation to each prospective client, so call today.

Defense Against Theft Charges

California Penal Code § 484 states that theft involves the unlawful taking of someone else's property. In order to be charged with theft, the individual must take property that is worth less than $950. A person cannot commit theft by taking certain items, such as a motor vehicle or firearm. Theft of motor vehicles and firearms are illegal under a separate California law.

The two types of theft charged in California are:

  • Petty theft (items valued at less than $400)
  • Grand theft (items valued at more than $400)

Is robbery different from theft?

Robbery and theft are separate crimes. According to California Penal Code § 211, robbery occurs when a person takes someone else's property from the victim's immediate possession. In other words, robbery involves direct contact between the victim and suspect.

Burglary Defense in Burbank & Nearby Areas

In order to face a burglary conviction, the prosecution must demonstrate the following facts: You entered a structure, room, or locked vehicle and you intended to commit petty theft or a felony. There are several types of burglary, including first-degree residential burglary and second-degree commercial burglary. Our firm can defend you against any of these charges.

Were you arrested for a theft crime? Get a free evaluation of your case from a theft crime defense lawyer in the Los Angeles County by contacting Alan Kessler, A Law Corporation now!

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